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DevTeach declared partner of the year by the Ottawa IT community

by Jean-Rene Roy 28. June 2009 23:28

The IT community of Ottawa organizes an award night every year to recognize the ones that make a differences in their community. This year DevTeach received the partner of the year award.  It’s really nice to receive this recognition and it shows how much our support makes a difference.  We didn’t do more in Ottawa then in Montreal, Toronto or Vancouver but the guy’s in Ottawa went out of their way to recognize what DevTeach does for the community.  At DevTeach we call this support ‘’nourishment’’ to the communities to help them grow. The Montreal community is the one that we’ve been supporting since 2003 and it’s the biggest and most active IT community in the country. We hope that in the future we can continue to support  all the Canadian IT communities. Thanks to the Ottawa IT community for this award.   


Why Alt.Net and DevTeach are Back to Back...

by Jean-Rene Roy 11. May 2009 22:45

James Kovacs and friends are running the Canadian versions of Alt.Net. When I met James at DevTeach Montreal back in December we agreed that it will help the attendees and the Lead for the Alt.Net if we have this event the next weekend after DevTeach. Most of the Lead for Alt.NET Canada are also speakers at DevTeach and there T&E is already paid for anyway. The same is true for attendees of DevTeach and since it’s over the weekend, attendees won’t miss any work. Alt.NET is a free event but you need to register. The registrations will open on May 20th.  We’ve managed to secure, with a registration code, 50 seats for the DevTeach attendees. This code will be sent to the them. If you are into Agile Practices you do not what to miss this event. It happens only once a year.

Alt.Net: http://altnetconfcanada.com/home/index.castle 

DevTeach: http://DevTeach.com

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John Hansen did fantastic pictures at the Ottawa Code Camp.

by Jean-Rene Roy 7. May 2009 09:39

Last weekend I was presenting at the Ottawa Code Camp 2009.  I organized it with many friends and we managed to pull this one off for the second time. There was 12 sessions and 130 attendees. We learned many things and we had fun at the same time. John Hansen was the official photographer of the event and he did a fantastic job. You have to check his pictures.  If you’re looking for the source code of my presentation go to http://ottawacodecamp.codeplex.com/ You’ll find all the sessions code on CodePlex.



Click to see the pictures...


My First Web Cast…

by Jean-Rene Roy 6. May 2009 20:38

Yesterday, I did my first Web Cast for Microsoft.  I talked about the industry insights and trends for Architects (http://www.microsoft.com/canada/technet/iyc2009/ ) with Barry Garvin and Andy Nogueira. It was a lot of fun answering all the questions and giving my point of view on the subject.  130 attendees were online with us and that was very cool. Attendees can ask questions via a chat window but the only thing that was disappointing of this experiences was the fact that I couldn’t hear the attendees laugh at my jokes. Anyway, you can go back and listen to the recording at this link:   http://technet.microsoft.com/en-ca/cc766596.aspx



Toronto Code Camp: A jam pack event...

by Jean-Rene Roy 28. April 2009 04:32

Last Saturday, I was presenting at the Toronto Code Camp. It was jam pack with close to 400 attendees.  Some of the speakers came far has the UK and California.  The quality of the presentations was very good. I was there to present on MS Sync Framework but also I was there to represent DevTeach has one of the main sponsors of the event. The prize DevTeach was giving was a free registration to DevTeach Vancouver.  The winner ‘’Graham Holker’’ was very happy.  If you are living in Ontario and you missed this Code Camp come and see me next weekend in Ottawa.  I’m organizing one in that city with some friends and it will be very big too.  We’re expecting over 250 attendees. Get all the information at this link: http://www.ottawacodecamp.ca

I hope I’ll see you there.  



Sync Framework talk at the OttawaSQL.Net

by Jean-Rene Roy 18. April 2009 01:53

Last night I did my MS Sync. Framework talk to 25 members of the www.OttawaSQL.Net. This SQL PASS Chapter exists since January 2008.  David Mayer is the president and I am helping out this group by finding speakers.  My interest in the MS Sync. Framework is really from a software architect point of view. When you need to design applications often you will need to sync files and data. This task is very complex  and using this framework is removing a big complexity in your design.  But I was not just talking about the MS Sync Framework, I was also introducing to many developers the application design possibilities with the SQL Compact database and the ADO Sync provider.  I’ll be doing this presentation at the http://www.torontocodecamp.net/ ,  http://www.ottawacodecamp.ca and the http://www.codecampmontreal.com/ . The slides and code will be uploaded on the http://ottawacodecamp.codeplex.com/ web site later this week. I hope I will see you at one of the free event.

Dowload the code with this link: http://www.softdesign.ca/download/Presentations/SyncFrameWorkTalk.zip 


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Where do software Architects get their training?

by Jean-Rene Roy 16. April 2009 04:39

Has a software architect I realize that it’s very hard to stay actual in what is going on. Sure Microsoft P&P is a good source but I found it’s often not related to what I do on the day to day job. One of my friend, Mario Cardinal, was telling me at  DevTeach Montreal last fall that he was working on a training workshop for software architects.  I was very curious and when he explained what it was all about, I told him that it was the exact training I needed. 

So I put my ‘’ DevTeach hat’’ on and I proposed to Mario to do this workshop in February in Montreal and also has a post-conference workshop in  Vancouver on June 12th.  The response for this training in Montreal was so good that we decided to do it also in Toronto on May 25th.  Mario came up with a new way to design modular architecture that he calls ‘’velcro’’.  If you are in to software architecture you need to check this out. It’s really a training that you can’t find anywhere else.


Where: Toronto Radisson Harbourfront

When: Monday May 25, 2009

How to register? http://www.devteach.com/SpecialEvent.aspx#Price 

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A very good deal for Developers, ITPro and DBA!

by Jean-Rene Roy 14. April 2009 05:40

When you are a developer, DBA or a ITPro you know how fast thing changes.  We are all cut up in our very busy life and we never have time to learn the new stuff. If you do, you’re usually cutting on your sleeping time. This is why we all need training but again, going to a training center is not very good for us because what we learn there is not related to what we do in our day to day job.

So where can I get the right training for me?

Well DevTeach and SQLTeach is the solution because in one place you have 136 sessions, 75 min. each of training about your day to day job stuff. You can’t see the 136 sessions, only 17 of them but you can choose the ones that are relevant to your job. That’s the best training you can’t get any other way.  On top of that, DevTeach and SQLTeach came up with this Educations Stimulus Package that will give you a free registration when you buy 2 registrations. That represents a 38%  discount on every registration.  You guys need to check that out!  www.DevTeach.com

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Code Camp in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal...

by Jean-Rene Roy 13. April 2009 05:14

Did you know about the Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal Code Camp? Chech it out. Space is limited.

  • April 25th Toronto Code Camp
  • Mai 2nd Ottawa Code Camp
  • May 30th Montreal Code Camp
  • I will be speaking that all three event. I will be presenting a session about about Microsoft Sync Framework.

    What is MS Sync. Framework

    Microsoft Sync Framework is a comprehensive synchronization platform that enables collaboration and offline access for applications, services and devices. It features technologies and tools that enable roaming, sharing, and taking data offline. Using Microsoft Sync Framework, developers can build sync ecosystems that integrate any application, with any data from any store using any protocol over any network. 

    In this presentation I will introduce you to this new platform and we will take a look at how it's works and how you can integrate this in your applications.


    JR’s now blog…

    by Jean-Rene Roy 13. April 2009 05:04

    Many of you know me under the name Jean-René Roy but did you know you can also call me JR? The funny thing is that many of my French friends call me JR and most English friends call me Jean-René.   (I think it’s because they desperately want to practice their French but I end up being called a pair of jeans!).  So for now on just call me JR Smile and to make this official I called my Blog ‘’JR’s Blog’’.  This Blog will be about what’s happening in the IT industry and also what are the activities I’m doing. Since I’m very involved in the planning of DevTeach, SQLTeach, OttawaSQL.NET, ODNC, Montreal .NET community, most Canadian Code camps and the Ottawa BI Study Group this blog will also keep you posted on everything; you will be the first to know  when and where will be the next big event in our industry. This is why you what to add this Blog in your RSS reader. But I will also post Webcast and other training sessions details I’m doing in different user groups across Canada.   Hope you will post comments. See you onlineWink





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    Jean-Rene Roy Bio

    Jean-René Roy; architecting IT solution for large and small enterprises since 1987. In 1991 he founded the consulting firm Technologies SoftDesign Inc.

    He has worked on projects for the Canada Council of the Arts, Treasury Board of Canada, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, House of Commons, Innovapost, Bell Canada, CGI and many other corporations assuming the responsibility of IT Manager, Technical Advisor, System Analyst, Business Analyst, Senior Software Architect, Senior Software Developers, Team leader, Project management and mentor. He is still very active in the developers’ community by acting as a user group leader for more than ten years with the Montreal .NET community and the Ottawa .NET community.

    He is also the co-founder of an international developer’s conference www.DevTeach.com which is now directed by a member of his team. Jean-René Roy is a SQL Server Microsoft MVP.



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