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DevTeach Ottawa schedule is online

by Jean-Rene Roy 8. October 2011 03:05

Monday we received 15 new sessions from TechDays Canada.  This make a fantastic conference for the Developers, DBA’s and ITPro’s.  Today I just place online the 2 days (Nov. 3-4) main conference schedule.  Check it out. Let me know what you think J   


DevTeach, SQLTeach and ITProTeach will be an amazing conference

by Jean-Rene Roy 5. October 2011 01:29

Last night I added the sessions from Microsoft TechDays Canada in the list of sessions presented at DevTeach in Ottawa (Nov 3-4).  You can tell this conference will be Amazing.  We already had many good sessions for developer but now with this addition, we have a very good 2 days of conference for DBA and ITPro.  Take a look. The schedule for the conference will be posted this week.


Ottawa IT Community speakers Idol Nov. 2nd at DevTeach Ottawa

by Jean-Rene Roy 29. September 2011 01:05

Do you like to share your IT knowledge with others?  Do you know a tip, trick or a feature that can save time for others and you would like to share it?

Well, Ottawa Speaker Idol is your solution and there is still time to submit your session proposal. The dead line is Wednesday Oct. 26th.

The Ottawa IT Community is organizing a contest where you can win a free registration to DevTeach  Nov. 3-4 (value of $649). On November 2nd, at the venue for DevTeach Ottawa (Ottawa Conference Center), you will be invited to present your tip, trick or a feature for 10 minutes. After all presentations have completed, the attendees will vote for the winners. Prizes will be distributed to the best presenters. This is a free event and everyone is welcome to attend. 

Date: Wednesday November 2nd , at 18:30

Location:  Ottawa Conference Center (room 103)

55 Colonel By Drive

 Ottawa , ON, K1N 9J2 Canada



-You must not be a regular speaker in the IT Community. This contest is to encourage new speakers. 
-It must be the first time you participate to the Ottawa IT Speaker Idol 
-No need to be register to DevTeach to participate in the contest. 
-You must submit the description of your presentation (no more than 200 words) by October 26th to jrroy(at)DevTeach.com  
-We will accept 10 presenters 
-If more than 10 submissions, a committee will select 10 presentations 
-The list of presentations will be announced on October 31st  
-A laptop will be available for your presentation or you can use your own laptop
-You will need to bring your PowerPoint and code on a USB key.
-All presentations will be posted on our web site after the contest.
 Attending and vote for the winners can register with this link: http://www.devteach.com/wconnect/wc.dll?FournierTransformation~1,26,1,29

Winners Prizes:

First place:      Registration to the main conference DevTeach Nov. 3-4  (value of $649) from DevTeach Inc.

Second place:    Win 7 Phone  (Value of $549) from LIKE 10 Inc. 


Did you know! DevTeach is TechDays Ottawa this year.

by Jean-Rene Roy 22. September 2011 11:00

This fall, TechDays Canada will be in 3 cities (Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal). If you think there are no TechDays in Ottawa this year, well you are wrong because TechDays Canada is the Platinum sponsor of DevTeach Ottawa. Most of the TeachDays content will be presented at DevTeach Ottawa, including new sessions on Windows 8 directly from the Build Windows Conference.  

That content mix with the special content of DevTeach promises to be a very good conference. Plus TechDays is a 2 days conference DevTeach Ottawa is 2 Days conference and one day of Pre-Conference. Unlike TechDays, DevTeach is limited to 300 attendees so register early.


.NET | Event | SQL | SSIS

Come and see my sessions at SQLSaturday#93 in Toronto

by Jean-Rene Roy 13. September 2011 00:55

I am getting ready for two presentations I will be doing in Toronto this Saturday. Amount the very good line-up of speakers, there is 2 speakers that are my favorite. Christian Coté and Edwin Sarmiento. Too bad I am presenting at the same time. I will miss very good sessions.   Take a look at the fantastic schedule for this event. It will be a fun time to be with the experts.

 ·         The event web site link.

 ·         The schedule link.

BTW, This is links to my presentations:

 ·         What is MS Sync. Framework

 ·         XML in SQL Server.  Why bother?




One more time! 24 hours of SQL

by Jean-Rene Roy 9. September 2011 09:26

On September 7th and 8th PASS is having again a 24 hours on SQL Server. This online event brings 24 hours of sessions to your screen.  I have again the honor of been a moderator for one of the speaker. If you miss it, that not so bad because all sessions are recorded and you can view it online. Jute uses this link.


Save Big before September 1st!

by Jean-Rene Roy 31. August 2011 10:42


DevTeach Ottawa (Nov. 2-4) is in our town this year and if you register early you can save big $$$.

Check the list of speakers and sessions already posted. Better yet, more sessions will be posted from TechDays Canada after the Microsoft Build conference.


Early registration (2 Days)

Cost CAN

Before August 1st, 2011


Between August 1st and 30th, 2011


Between September 1st and 31st, 2011


Between October 1st and November 4th, 2011



A clash with the Open Source Wolds….

by Jean-Rene Roy 28. August 2011 01:09

Today I am spending time at the Ottawa Open Source Conference (http://www.fosslc.org/drupal/). It’s not my first time in an Open Source Conference but up to 3 weeks ago, I did not know we had one in Ottawa.  This is a very good event and I will be coming back next year.

This non-profit organisation is recording all sessions with software created here in Ottawa by (FOSSLC) which use a device made by (Epiphan VGA2USB), a company located in Kanata. I am very impress by this solution for recording conference and I seriously considering it for recording some of the DevTeach Ottawa sessions.  


Do you what to go to Developer’s Haven for free!

by Jean-Rene Roy 20. August 2011 03:22

Yes that right. Developers' Haven for free! SC2010 Software Developers' Haven is a Ottawa event held at the University of Ottawa on August 27th. The cost of the event is $119 but DevTeach is giving free pass to the event. See DevTeach FaceBook page for Details.



The unknown secret of Inserted row set of SQL Server

by Jean-Rene Roy 5. August 2011 00:42

Has a consultant I come and go in different enterprise and I meet Software Developers and DBAs.  In SQL Server, there is many aspects that are useless for DBA and very useful to the developers. But most developers I meet want to stay away from T-SQL. Almost like, if you do T-SQL you are a DBA and we know how Developers love DBA’s J.  

 Many developers ask me these questions.

·         How to update automatically a field during a T-SQL update statement?

·         How can I update the current row from a trigger in T-SQL?

This is how:


-- =============================================

-- Author:        Jean-Rene Roy

-- Create date: August 4th, 2011

-- Description:   Will update field ModDateTime for all updates

-- =============================================

CREATE TRIGGER [dbo].[MyTable_ModDateTime]

   ON  [dbo].[MyTable]




      -- SET NOCOUNT ON added to prevent extra result sets from


    Update MyTable

            set ModDateTime = GetDate()

            from inserted

            Where MyTable.id = inserted.ID



SQL Server will populate the Row Set call inserted during the UPDATE or INSERT statement. You can access this row with the ‘’From inserted’’ clause.  In the case of a Delete statement you can access the deleted row with the ‘’From deleted’’ clause.   If your table has a identity field and you need to access it you can use the  @@IDENTITY system function to read it from a trigger.



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