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My trip to Vancouver and Seattle

by Jean-Rene Roy 26. February 2011 23:02

It’s networking time! Because that what this trip is all about. My first stop is Vancouver on Saturday February 26 for the first SQL Saturday #65.  I am very impress by the lineup of sessions at this event. I am looking forward to see some of the sessions.  On Sunday I will take the train with many MVP’s heading to Seattle or more precisely Bellevue, WA. That night we have a Canadian MVP Dinner and that I am looking forward to.   On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I will try to learn as much as possible on Microsoft Campus in Redmond. Wednesday Morning I will take the bus back to Vancouver and at 5pm I will present my cool session “XML in SQL Server! Why bother?” at the Vancouver PASS chapter.   

Has you can see this will be networking trip but what I am most exciting is my diner with my cousins Greg and Sylvain.  We will meet on Saturday night. So you can see what the excitement is all about for me. Can’t way!



The ALM TFS 2010 Video series bridging the gap is online….

by Jean-Rene Roy 16. February 2011 04:41

TFS 2010 is the version that bridge the gap between the Testers and the Developers. The reason is simple; it’s Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) that helps doing this without increasing the work effort from the tester.  If you are not sure, check out DevTeach Video Series ALM TFS 2010 Bridging the gap. I was very impress by Etienne Tremblay and Vincent Grondin performance in this technical play. Over all you will find 13 videos of 25 min. 

Check it out: http://www.devteach.com/ALM-TFS2010-Bridgingthegap.aspx



Ottawa Code Camp / IT Day call for speaker…

by Jean-Rene Roy 10. February 2011 03:28

Again this year, the gang in Ottawa is planning a Code Camp / IT Day and I am leading again the tech chair for this event. All previous event events have been a big success.  I suspect this event will be has successful or more.  The event is held at the Algonquin College on April 16th.  If you are interested to present at the event you have up to March 28th to submit your proposal, send me your sessions with the template below. 

Ottawa IT Camp 2011 call for speaker

Send your sessions before March 28th.

Use our template to submit

We are compiling your submission with a SSIS package. You must submit your sessions with our Excel template.

Download our Ottawa IT Camp 2011 Session Abstracts Template


Click here to send your session abstracts!


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La formation continue pour un architecte de logiciel...

by Jean-Rene Roy 4. February 2011 10:06

This blog is in French for my friends in Montreal.

Il est difficile pour un architecte de logiciel de trouver une formation qui lui donneras une bonne formation sur les nouvelles technologie et technique dans notre domaine.  Par compte www.DevTeach.Com (Developers Teaching) offre un grande gamme de formation qui s’adresse au architecte.  Voici quelque exemple.


Voici les liste des Tracks de cette formation :

En Pre-Conférence on retrouve aussi un formation d’une journée pour les Architectes.

Connecting requirements and architecture using agile specifications

This workshop has been conceived to give you a head start in architecting with agile specifications. Software architecture is about creating abstractions to tackle complexity and to achieve simplicity. An effective practice to achieve simplicity is to divide complexity into layers and to hide each layer behind a visible interface. Hiding complexity using an interface is not widely known like layering but if you combine both practices you get an effective approach to reduce technical risks. This is the rationale for specifying an agile architecture. During this workshop you will learn to design abstractions like interfaces, examples, tests and models to make possible the creation of a new semantic level and to be more specific about the responsibilities of a layer. In this regard, the examples effectively communicate architecture specification and also adequately verify implementation accuracy. Since examples are executable, correctness with regard to architecture can be confirmed at any time. At the end of this workshop you will acquire fundamental knowledge not only about layered architecture but also about how to connect requirements and architecture using agile specifications.

Plus de détail ici: www.DevTeach.com




The ALM training in Ottawa (Jan 29th)

by Jean-Rene Roy 31. January 2011 08:57

Etienne Tremblay (ALM MVP) and Vincent Grondin (C# MVP) presented 7 hours on TFS 2010 in Ottawa.  I was the guys that organized this event for DevTeach and Microsoft. The presentation includes the new Microsoft Test Management and Lap Management.  The comments from the attendees are excellent. 100 attendees.  It was really cool presentation. The best part of the story is the fact that we will have the ability to see it on the web has a video series. This video is the making of video.

Check it out on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkHi9yQh1I8



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Yes! Their will a Canadian UG Leader summit at DevTeach Montreal...

by Jean-Rene Roy 17. January 2011 10:14

I am so happy to see the Canadian UG Leader back at DevTeach. We did not do one since 2009 in Vancouver.  I have a long list of thing I like to share with other UG leader.  You can get more details about this event at this link: http://www.devteach.com/UserGroupRebate.aspx#UGSUMMIT



A full day of training on TFS 2010 – In Ottawa and For Free

by Jean-Rene Roy 14. January 2011 10:39

Did you know about this? DevTeach and MS are doing a full day of training on TFS 2010 at the Algonquin College. Attend for free and learn from 3 of the leading Canadian experts on development best practices about how TFS can help you manage your entire Application Life Cycle. Using little vignette focused around different challenges or goals, they will cover various aspect of VS 2010 and TFS 2010. This full day event is free and brought to you by DevTeach, Microsoft, Pixys and Fujitsu. For more details visit DevTeach web site. I will be there to help my friends with the logistic. It will be fun, don’t miss it because it FREE!



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Check out the fantastic line up for DevTeach Montreal 2011

by Jean-Rene Roy 12. January 2011 09:01

This year DevTeach will be in Montreal and DevTeach did it again! A fantastic line up of speakers are presenting 68 sessions in 3 days.  I am trill to see SQLTeach is back this year. I can spend 3 days learning about SQL plus Kalen Delaney is doing as pre-con.  It will be a very good show and we can’t miss it because it comes to Montreal only every 3 years.  I will be there what About you?


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Selected to speak at ConFoo Montreal March 9-11 2011

by Jean-Rene Roy 31. December 2010 23:53

Wow, I just learn that I will be presenting two sessions at ConFoo Montreal  (March 9-11,2011)

This event is PHP oriented but for the past 2 years ConFoo added sessions about SQL Server and .Net. The sessions I will be presenting are:

What new in Reporting Service R2

What is MS Sync. Framework

It will be interesting to see how PHP developers react to the Sync FW and the SSRS R2. I am sure I will have very nice conversation.


Je présente à ConFoo Web Techno Conference. 9 au 11 Mars 2011. Montréal


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Ottawa IT community Christmas special at Lieutenant's Pump Dec. 16th

by Jean-Rene Roy 15. December 2010 00:39

This meeting is a Christmas special at Lieutenant's Pump Dec. 16th


For our Christmas special we will held our event in the Lieutenant’s Pump and we are doing a join groups event. Three groups mean three presentations. 

·         What is New in SQL Server Report Services in 15 min. by Jean-René Roy

·         Design By Contract with Code Contracts in Visual Studio 2010. By Joel Hébert

·         Protect your data with offsite backup by using Data Protection Manager (DPM) 2011 by Islam Gomaa

 Date: Dec. 16th 2010

Location: Lieutenant’s Pump 361 Elgin St. at the corner of Waverly

Time: 6pm

Join us for this Christmas special and learn something while drinking a beer. .


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He is also the co-founder of an international developer’s conference www.DevTeach.com which is now directed by a member of his team. Jean-René Roy is a SQL Server Microsoft MVP.



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